Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Companion to Chinese History

Michael Szonyi


Publication Date: 
January 2017


A Companion to Chinese History presents a collection of essays offering a comprehensive overview of the latest intellectual developments in the study of China’s history from the ancient past up until the present day.

Table of Contents:

Notes on Contributors

1. Introduction
Michael Szonyi

Section I: States of the Field

2. How Do We Know What We Know About Chinese History?
Endymion Wilkinson

3. Chinese History in China: The State of the Field (1980s-2010s)
May-bo Ching

4. Chinese History in Japan: The State of the Field
Shiba Yoshinobu

5. Chinese History in Europe: The State of the Field
Harriet Zurndorfer

6. Chinese History in the Era of the China Dream
Geremie R Barmé and Michael Szonyi

7. Chinese History in World History
Gregory Blue

Section II Chronology

8. Early China in Eurasian History
Michael Puett

9. Was Medieval China Medieval? (Post-Han to Mid-Tang)
Charles Holcombe

10. A Tang-Song Turning Point
Nicolas Tacket

11. Periods of Non-Chinese (or Non-Han) Rule
Michal Biran

12. Song to Qing: Late Imperial or Early Modern?
R. Kent Guy

13. Nineteenth-Century China: The Evolution of American Historical Approaches
Paul A. Cohen

14. Republican History
Janet Y. Chen

15. Rethinking the History of Maoist China
S.A. Smith

16. The Reform Era as History
Timothy Cheek

Section III Themes and Approaches

17. Women, Gender, the Family and Sexuality
Weijing Lu

18. History of Premodern Chinese Literature
Graham Sanders

19. Modern Chinese Literature
David Der-wei Wang

20. The Environmental History of China: Past, Present, and Future
Peter C. Perdue

21. Science, Technology, and Medicine
Carla Nappi

22. Legal History
William P. Alford and Eric T. Schluessel

23. Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Identity in the Study of Modern China
Thomas S. Mullaney

24. The Religious Core of Local Social Organization
Barend ter Haar

25. Beyond the Great Divergence: Current Scholarship on the Economic History of Premodern China
Richard von Glahn

26. Taiwan: Margin, Center, Node
Shelley Rigger

27. Chinese Migrations
Henry S.N. Yu

28. China in the World: Beyond the Tribute System
John E. Wills, Jr.


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