Thursday, July 12, 2018

Routledge Handbook of Imperial Chinese History

Victor Cunrui Xiong & Kenneth J. Hammond


Publication Date:
August 2018


Following more than 30 years of market reform, China has become an economic powerhouse, likely to surpass the United States as the world's largest economy in the not so distant future. The resurgence of China has generated much interest not only in the present conditions of that country, but also in her past. Since China is the only uninterrupted ancient civilization that is stilling living today, the study of it can be a very rewarding pursuit in its own right, but can also offer tremendous benefit to anyone who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of modern China. Perhaps more than anywhere else, in China, the present is intricately linked with the past. Providing coverage of the entire Imperial Era (221 BCE-1912 CE) the handbook takes a chronological approach with key themes such as politics, religion, culture, the economy, and science embedded in the chapters. This is an essential resource for upper level undergraduates and graduates studying Imperial Chinese history in class or on their own; it will also be of interest to graduate students and scholars interested in broadening the scope of their research.

Table of contents:


Part I: Early Imperial China (Qin–Five Dynasties) 

Section 1 The Qin-Han Empire

1. The Qin Dynasty, Charles Sanft

2. The Western Han, Liang CAI

3. The Eastern Han, Rafe de Crespigny

Section 2 The Six Dynasties

4. The Three States (Three Kingdoms), Michael Farmer

5. The Jin and the Sixteen States, Kawamoto Yoshiaki 川本芳昭

6. The Southern and Northern Dynasties, Andrew Chittick

Section 3 The Sui-Tang Empire and Five Dynasties

7. The Sui Dynasty, Victor Cunrui Xiong

8. The Tang Dynasty I (618-756), Seo Tatsuhiko 妹尾達彥

9. The Tang Dynasty II (756–907), Antony DeBlasi

10. The Five Dynasties, Peter Lorge

Part II: Late Imperial China (Song–Qing)

Section 4 The Age of Song, Liao, and Jin

11. The Northern Song, Yongguang HU

12. The Southern Song, Robert Foster

13. The Khitan-Liao and Jurchen-Jin, Valerie Hansen

Section 5 The Yuan and Ming Empires

14. The Yuan Dynasty, Michael Carl Brose

15. The Ming Dynasty(pre-1521), Peter Ditmanson

16. The Ming Dynasty (post-1521,) Harry Miller

17. Yuan-Ming Culture, Kenneth J. Hammond

Section 6 The Qing Empire

18. The Qing Dynasty (pre-1800), Yang-wen ZHENG

19. The Qing Dynasty (post-1800), Nancy Park

20. Qing Culture, Richard Smith

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