Friday, September 15, 2017

Acta Asiatica: Bulletin of the Institute of Eastern Culture No. 113: Computational Arts (Shu-shu) and Intellectual Thought in Traditional Chinese Society

Publication Date:
Aug. 2017

Tokyo: Tōhō Gakkai

Table of Contents:

IKEDA Tomohisa (池田知久): Introduction

LI Ling (李零): The Revolution in Shu-shu: From Divination Using Tortoiseshells and Yarrow Stalks to Shih Methods and Selection

KUDŌ Motoo (工藤元男): Local Government Officials and Shu-shu: A View from Daybooks (Jih-shu)

TAKEDA Tokimasa (武田時昌): The Six Incurables and Four Difficulties: An Examination of the Paradigms of Chinese Medicine from the Perspective of Shu-shu Studies

KAWAHARA Hideki (川原秀城): A Third Thesis concerning Shu-shu: Is Neo-Confucianism the Study of Shu-shu?

MINAKUCHI Takuju (水口拓寿): Perceptions of “Water Quality” in Early-Ch‘ing Feng-shui Texts: An Inquiry into Shen Hao’s Ti-hsüeh

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